Hi. My name is Clay Gentry. I’m a Christian, a husband, a father, a preacher, a mailman and occasionally I get to take a nap.

I understand sermon prep can be hard. Sometimes the ideas just don’t come. Some weeks all the other stuff we preachers do consumes our time. Or perhaps, you’re like me being bi-vocational can be so tiring and you fall asleep at night instead of staying up studying. That’s why this website is here: to provide simple sermon outlines that you can take and preach as is or easily make your own.

My only requests:

  1. Be true to the word. You don’t have to preach the lesson as is but you’ve got to preach God’s word as is.
  2. Give God the glory. You don’t have to tell folks where you got the lesson but give God His due.
  3. Let me know the sermon outline helped. Hey I’m just like you, I like knowing my lessons helped someone.

Go preach the word friend.

** If you’re ever in the Middle TN area on a Sunday or Wednesday night you can find me at the Jackson Heights Church of Christ 1200 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN. Look us up online at www.thebibleway.org. We would love for you to assembly with us. Hey, mention this website and I’ll buy you lunch, we can talk shop.

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